Taste of the Wild

Modern science proves that your dog or cat still shares the DNA of the ancient canine or wild feline. Although their tastes demand something of the wild, your pet’s diet should provide them with all the best nutrition available today. And that is precisely what they get with Taste of the Wild: premium, complete, grain-free pet foods based on your pet’s ancestral diet.

We smoke or roast our meats to create the perfect taste and aroma to keep your pet happy and absolutely loving you for giving it to them. Taste of the Wild is dedicated to providing food for dogs and cats which is lean, easily digestible, full of protein, and contains amino and fatty acids that enhance a pet’s immune system and muscle strength, resulting in healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Taste of the Wild’s grain free formulas taste amazing and provide ease of digestion for your puppy or kitten whilst giving it the energy and antioxidants it needs for a healthy and functioning immune system. A protein rich, grain-free diet eliminates the chances of bad reactions to food and enhances a pet’s digestion.

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