Vetalogica carefully crafts small batch, natural, biologically appropriate pet foods in our own Sydney, NSW Kitchens. Founded and formulated by pharmacist brothers, Vetalogica features natural, regional Australian ingredients and have NO grain, corn, wheat, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, glutens or GMO’s.

What is biologically appropriate pet food? It is pet food formulated to mirror ancestral diets of dogs and cats and feature regional meats rich in quality and freshness. Over 50% of pet food blends should include quality meat proteins sourced from local farmers and suppliers.

Dogs and cats are by definition carnivores (meat eaters). Dogs and cats actively seek meat for nourishment and this fundamental dietary necessity must be duplicated in their modern diets. Diets rich in real meats, fruits, vegetables and vitamins and minerals all help to maintain optimal quality of life in our pets.

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