Vet's All Natural

Vets All Natural is a dog and cat food, treats and supplement company unlike any other. Founded in 1995 by practising veterinarian, animal lover and internationally recognised pet-nutrition expert Dr. Bruce Syme, our goal is simple: Give your pet the very best natural nutrition they need to live the longest, healthiest and happiest life they can.

When your dog or cat is given the best natural, raw diet, many problems such as skin conditions, joint problems, bowel irritations and obesity can simply disappear. Or more importantly, they may never appear!

For millions of years canines and felines thrived on a diet of raw muscle meat, organs, vegetable matter, fruits and raw bones. In short – what Mother Nature intended.

Many modern day health issues like skin and stomach allergies, arthritis, obesity, digestive issues, urinary infections and gum disease have emerged since the introduction of overly cooked and processed commercialised pet foods.

Fortunately, the solution is simple: a return to the natural, raw and balanced diet that allowed them to evolve and thrive. It’s time to join the raw food revolution!

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