K9 Natural Freeze Dried Lamb Feast Dry Dog Food



Freeze Dried Beef Feast

New Zealand is famous for its unspoiled environment, with clean air, lush pastures and plentiful oceans making it the perfect place to source natural ingredients. We’ve made the most of these wonderful resources and single source ingredients, using meat from grass-fed animals, eggs from barn-raised chickens and vegetables grown in the most fertile soil on earth to create K9 Natural.

The result is a complete and perfectly balanced diet, rich in nutrients and bursting with energy. K9 Natural offers your pet the best possible health and wellbeing by creating naturally better nutrition.

Although there is no official time that you should wait before feeding reconstituted food, we recommend waiting between 5-10 minutes for the blood/juices to be drawn out into the water. For best results, use warm water!

Do not be concerned if your reconstituted food looks more like a ‘soup ’ and not puffed up. This is completely as it should be, and most dogs are extremely happy with this mix.


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