Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food



Labrador Retriever

Tailor-made food for Labrador Retriever dogs over 15 months.

Ideal weight Formula

Helps maintain the Labrador’s ideal weight by combining an increased protein level (30%) with a low fat intake (13%) and L-Carnitine to aid the metabolism of fats.

An exclusive kibble whose shape and formula (barley and psyllium) promote a feeling of fullness.

Support for strong bone structure

Helps support the Labrador’s strong bone structure.

Beautiful and healthy waterproof coat

Reveals the beauty of a unique waterproof coat and helps maintain the barrier role of the Labrador’s skin.

Vision support

Supports the eyes’ antioxidant defences (Lutein, zeaxanthine, Vitamins E & C).


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