Royal Canin Maxi Digestive Care Dry Dog Food



Maxi Sensible

Food for adult MAXI dogs (weight: 26 to 45 kg) from 15 months to 5 years with digestive sensitivity.

Maximum digestive tolerance

by use of a single carbonhydrate source 100% rice, which is the most digestible of the various cereals, EPA & DHA (from fish oil) with anti-inflammatory properties and specific fibres from Psyllium called mucilage to facilitate intestinal transit.

For beautiful coat

Gives a beautiful glossy coat

by means of borage oil supply which provides Gamma Linolenic Acid essential fatty acids.

For healthy joints

Helps maintain healthy joints

by means of a high glucosamine and chondroitin content and EPA & DHA with anti-inflammatories properties.

Enhanced flavour

Satisfies fussy appetites

by means of its formulation, a selection of exclusive and natural flavourings and a perfect preservation.


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