Royal Canin Medium Adult Dry Dog Food



Medium Adult

Food for adult MEDIUM dogs from 12 months to 7 years

Strengthening natural defences

Helps to maintain your dog?s natural defences thanks to mannan-oligo-saccharides which promotes beneficial intestinal flora, with omega 3 (EPA & DHA), omega 6 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A and biotin to regenerate hair and skin. It also contains vitamins E and C to help maintain cell vitality.

Optimal weight

Helps to maintain an ideal weight

thanks to an adapted energy intake (14% fat and 3930 kcal/kg measured energy).

High digestibility

Ensures optimal digestion of food

thanks to very high quality proteins and a balanced intake of dietary fibre to regulate the digestive tract.

Enhanced flavour

Selected natural flavours, special size, shape and texture of kibble

and perfect conservation (controlled atmosphere with removal of removed oxygen).


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