Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care Dry Dog Food



Mini Light

Food for MINI dogs (weight: 1 to 10kg) over 10 months with a tendency to put on weight.

Helps reduce fat storage

Higher level of L-Carnitine which stimulates the metabolism of fat reserves. Moderate calorie content (3365 Kcal/Kg). Avoid hunger between meals, with barley, which is digested slowly.

Hight protein / Low fat

Maintains muscle tone

A low fat level (11%) and a high protein content (30%).

Enhanced palatability

Satisfies fussy appetites

Special texture, shape and size of kibble, selected nutrients, selected natural flavours and perfect preservation.

Tartar reduction

Helps reduce the development of tartar

?Sodium polyphosphates?, which ?fix? the calcium present in saliva.


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